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Set Logistics has an ambitious plan of internships for young professionals, giving the opportunity to those who seek to take their professional development a step further and penetrate the world of Supply Chain with a vision of excellence.


If you are already a developed professional or an expert in a specific area, you also have an opportunity in Set Logistics. Overcoming the process of induction and qualification, you can live the opportunity of your life, where you can take your talent to another level, and where you will find a team, where your contribution is valued and recognized. Join our team; we are waiting for you!


This opportunity is for those entrepreneurs, who with experience and commercial trajectory, want to develop their commercial organization, within the national and international network of Set Logistics, the first World Class Supply Chain Provider Argentina. Our network offers you all the opportunities for your organization to grow beyond its area of ​​influence, achieving a greater and more sustainable volume of business. There you can market all the services of the Company, and you can sell the services to the entire network, projecting your business further.


This option is aimed at entrepreneurs who have their structure related to logistics and who are interested in providing basic Set Logistics services. Through it, you are assigned a defined region, where you can perform all the services that your organization can provide, and that meet the quality and safety standards of the organization. They will have the support and advice of our organization, a certain volume of operation, depending on the region assigned to the Agent. Under a long-term contract and collaboration between both companies, businesses are developed jointly, for mutual benefit and better solutions for customers who rely on this great organization.


The organization has an attractive system of Franchises, by means of which, the entrepreneurs with a minimum necessary structure, join the World Class Set Logistics network, operating in a collaborative way with it, and according to the quality standards and security that the market demands. If you are an entrepreneur looking to develop your business and you see an opportunity in logistics of excellence, you will find in this option an insurmountable opportunity. You can apply immediately for the Franchise assignment process. Once this process has ended, you will have access to a license to use the brand and to integrate the network for 10 years and you will be able to offer all the services reached in the binding contract. To ensure the success of your business, Set Logística provides its procedures and knowledge so that your start up is safe and agile, and can sustain in time, always excellent services. To this end, both through constant training and an effective program of audits will guarantee you as an entrepreneur and customers who trust their services, that they respond to international standards, strengthening long-term relationships.


If you are an entrepreneur that provides services or solutions to the Logistics Industry, whether it is a carrier, telephony, technology or any suitable solution to the activity, you can apply for this section, which will be contacted by our Purchasing Managers as soon as possible to evaluate it. Our vision includes long-term relationships with suppliers that add value and offer efficient and reliable solutions, in order to strengthen with a collaborative link, the final value proposition of our organization to the market that trusts us, and thus, the entire chain of value that we are part of. To do this, you will find own Set Logistics programs for development of suppliers, evaluations and an enriching follow-up, which will allow you to improve your proposal and consolidate the relationship in the long term.


In case you are a logistics organization, freight forwarder format or logistics solutions provider, and operate outside of Argentina, here you will find a great opportunity to capitalize on the opportunities that this increasingly interconnected world, each time more dynamic and in constant evolution, presents. You can postulate your organization to our application process, and be part of the first international logistics network World Class.

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