SIG Integrated Management System

Our innovative INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, concentrates all the activities that respond to common objectives of Quality, Safety, and Environment. This consistent program allows Set Logística to achieve greater performance in terms of costs, safety, environment and mainly guaranteeing adequate customer service, with professional and World Class solutions.

Thus, you will have services of international standards, maximizing your productivity and minimizing all the risks in your value chain.

Set Logística
Set Logística

Management Risk

One of the most effective results of the evolution of our SGI was risk management. Aware of the growing risks in the current supply chains, the organization developed this tool, used throughout the world, to manage all types of risks: on people, on goods, legal, economic and related to the environment and the community. Set Logística manages innovative tools for risk control and mitigation. It has a complete matrix of all risks inherent to the activity and its context, preventing them, managing them and training the organization for a safe response to eventual contingencies.

Environmental Care

The environment is the heritage of current and future society, and in that awareness we prevent the impact that our activity may have on the planet, reducing and minimizing the use of non-renewable energies and the possible impact of it. Set is committed to the community in protecting the environment and disseminating the best prevention practices, minimizing the use of non-renewable energies and preventing all risks and environmental impact, as well as training for an adequate response to fortuitous events.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the priority of our efforts. For this reason, our SGI (Comprehensive Management System), supported by our exclusive Excellentia (Registered Trademark) program, provides sustainability in the time of continuous improvement practices that lead to always offer an excellent World Class service. In addition, effective actions are deployed, managed and developed to ensure a unique experience of our users throughout the process of interaction with our organization, and thus achieve recognition of those who trust our organization.

Set Logística
Set Logística

Continuous Improvement

Markets evolve and transform at a fast pace. Therefore, they constantly demand better products and better services. Thus, Set Logística was born on the foundation of Total Quality and Continuous Improvement, which led it to develop a praxis shared by the entire organization, which seeks a constant evolution in each operation and process. In this way, SET Logística ensures not only an always competitive and safe service, but also guarantees the sustainability of the organization over time and a virtuous relationship with the community where it operates.


SET Logística SET Logística finds its viability in the satisfaction of its customers and an adequate response to every need. The projection and evolution of the organization are based on the solid practices of continuous improvement, risk management, corporate social responsibility and collaborative participation of all the members, who seek the development and innovation of processes and solutions, by always offer solutions of international standards, at a competitive price.

Only the preference of its clients, drives Set Logística to its projection and development, that conscious and grateful for the trust placed in it, offers a link based on the figure of "logistic partner", oriented to the 4PL model, starting from that offers a differential value proposal, and makes its trajectory of more than 25 years available to its users; know how; structure; critical mass and operative and innovative capacity, in order to ensure a service that is a competitive advantage for those, and thus build a long-term virtuous link.

Set Logística

and Recognitions

The commitment and performance of Set Logistics for Quality, Safety and prevention and environmental care, find validation by prestigious international organizations, which as a result of continuous external auditing programs, accredited the certifications of 3 international standards, by the German global organization TUV Rheiland, that evidence the high performance of the Company, which earned the German DAKKS Quality seal.

Certifications show that the organization demonstrates a World Class performance, and it responds well to the new demands of international regulations.

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