The fluctuations experienced by the markets in Latin America require companies to manage variable volumes of inventories, requiring safe and flexible solutions, as the greater competition presents a higher demand to always respond in form and time, adapting to the variations of demand in each sector.

Exclusive warehouse
Multi-client warehouse
Cold warehouse
IN COMPANY outsourced management

Set Logística

The principal

AAA class warehouses
Latest generation of electronic security systems
24-hour surveillance
Smoke and fire sensors
Fire control system
Vector control and health system
Selective and penetrable racks
WMS accessible via a web
Inventory and movement reports
Certified inventories
Forklifts and material handling
SIG Quality, Safety and Environment

Solutions in
professional hands:

High security standards
Accuracy of information
Agile and efficient service
Immediate entry and flexible exit
Stock responsibility in charge of Set Logística
Accuracy of inventories
Agility in the response
Total Security

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