Set Logística is the first 4PL logistics operator in the inland Argentina, with 25 years of experience, develops and offers logistics solutions of excellence and World Class standards for global supply chains.

World Class Supply Chain Provider

Set Logística started in 1993 in response to a thriving, innovative and demanding automotive industry with logistic services with global standards. In this context, the organization grows and develops by the Total Quality and Kaizen philosophy.
Soon, it provided solutions of excellence to other markets, such as food, human health, health and animal feed, technology, construction, and mining.


Best efforts are invested in ensuring the development of each member of the organization, so that everyone, understanding their role as a vital member of a broader process, can deploy its full potential in a collaborative, dynamic and proactive attitude, and so all the process obtains a result of an excellence team.

We integrate demanding value chains and assume our responsibility so that our participation is a competitive advantage for our customers. Therefore, our commitment is to train and develop our professionals, to ensure agile and safe responses adapted to the specific needs of our customers, with international quality and safety standards.

Set Logística

Excellentia is an innovative and exclusive program created by Set Logística, which develops the "Human Talent" with focus on the logistics operation, through innovative management tools and supported by the "Set Culture" program. We guide our teams to offer the best solutions, with a commitment to continuous improvement, quality, safety and environmental care in all their activities. Rooted in Japanese Kaizen philosophy and collaborative work, the organization achieves more agile, efficient and sustainable responses.

Set Logística
Set Logística


Bases in Argentina: 12 bases throughout the country
248 long distance cargo units
48 professionals of excellence
E.R.P. System Web
Department of Foreign Trade
Department of Quality, Safety and Environment

World Class

Thanks to its consistent Integrated Management Plan (SGI Set), and its innovative Excellentia program, Set Logística offers solutions of global standards, so that its services allow it to compete in an increasingly demanding and globalized market. Complementing a solid WorldClassOperation program, the 10 drive cost generators – more critical revenues are monitored, analyzed and improved, ensuring reliable and increasingly productive processes.


Our mission is to provide professional solutions and services of excellence, resources and management to the most demanding supply chains. Set Logística seeks to exceed the expectations of its customers through continuous improvement, innovation and management of risk, which allows it to offer safe, efficient and sustainable services.


We dedicate our best resources and efforts to be chosen as the most professional and ethical logistics organization in Latin America, committed to always offering World Class logistics solutions, and for that reason we are the first choice in quality, safety and environmental care; in order to facilitate and be the necessary support for a virtuous commercial exchange that links and brings Latin America closer to Asia.


These values that we have discovered as a factor of union within the organization and that we notice are recognized by our clients as a strength, since they orient the organization in the process of continuous improvement and that contribute to the construction of solid long-term bonds.


Management Team

Set Logística

Mgtr. Germán Lechini
Organizational and Operational
Development Management
Set Logística

Alberto Ruzzante
Regional Operations

Set Logística

Lic. José Poncio
Managing Director

SET Culture

A permanent training program, Set Culture, is develop to ensure that our team live this values that identify us as an organization, by the acceptance and appreciation of the principles that guide the professionals that form Set. This program, made up of diverse activities, spaces and resources, facilitates adherence to common patterns of behavior and priorities that respond to our shared values ​​and that guide the behavior of all members towards a single objective, with a single mission: to offer solutions of excellence, in a process of continuous improvement sustainable over time.

Set Logística
Set Logística


Our organization seeks to promote ethical business management and ensures compliance with all applicable legislations. From training in values ​​ of integrity, through procedures and controls, we prevent unwanted behaviors that do not strictly respond to transparent and predictable management in order to build solid commercial links, based on trust and strict compliance with our obligations, individual and as an organization. Therefore, we are committed to preventing unfair practices throughout the organization and in turn, promote and develop principles and criteria based on ethics in business, so that the company's relationship with its environment is virtuous and beneficial for all those involved.

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